EDM Sphere

Social Media, Community Management, Content Strategy, Graphic Design, Video Montage

Aim of the project

Create a community around our passion

Start date

October 2017 - present


Personal project


With friends, we have launched a media content about electronic music, in order to share our passion with as many people as possible... Today (March 2018) we have a community of more than 11,000 subscribers across all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube). We publish 5 posts daily, and we have renowned partnerships. We were also able to interview great artists.


EDM Sphere logo before

After (new logo by me)

My proposition of the new logo for EDM Sphere
EDM Sphere's page
Ophtalmologie Express print 2
Ophtalmologie Express print 3
Ophtalmologie Express print 4

Some publications, designed and posted by me

Interview with Kayzo (realized and edited by me)

Largest reach of EDM media in France

Thanks to regular publications, we are the largest Facebook page on electronic music in terms of reach, in France. Despite our small size in terms of subscribers compared to the competition, we have almost double the reach of some of them!

EDM Sphere Right arrow
EDM Sphere's page

Soon, we will organize an event for the 1 year of the page... Here is the cover image, designed by me

EDM Sphere's birthday