Ophtalmologie Express

UX, UI, Web Integration, Wordpress, Graphic Design, SEO, Ads, Motion Design, WebAnalytics Content Strategy

Aim of the project

Develop digital communication

Start date

Juin 2018 - present


Care Invest


I did a 3-month internship with Care Invest company where the aim was to develop the digital communication of Ophthalmology Express (a brand of ophthalmological centers) : I created a website, optimized its referencing, wrote a press kit, edited a motion design video, made a SEA campaign and designed different prints... Today I still work with them as a freelancer (because they were very satisfied with the quality of my work) to create different communication supports, write blog articles, maintain the website and analyze statistics.


Ophtalmologie Express logo before

My proposition

My proposition of logo Ophtalmologie Express

Proposal of a new logo

I have positioned myself as a driving force by proposing a new logo, more modern and consistent with their values. Unfortunately, due to the lack of costs with the current graphic charter already in place, it was not retained. All content will be adapted to the identity of the previous logo.

From scratch to a complete website

I designed the entire website, alone and I coded it in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Sass and Bootstrap. I optimized its referencing and created a theme on Wordpress to benefit from the administration dashboard. The referencing is rather well optimized: on a request like "ophthalmo paris 15", the site is 4th behind sites unsurpassables (Doctolib, PagesJaunes). I also have created a SEA campaign to recruit ophthalmologists. The website is now online :

www.ophtalmologie-express.fr Right arrow

SEO position example

Ophtalmologie Express SEO position

SEA advertisement

Ophtalmologie Express advertisement

Motion Design video

Content strategy and copywriting

I wrote a large number of articles, working on the content strategy and respecting the editorial charter. I also worked on a press kit and a press release (confidential).

Different prints

Ophtalmologie Express print 1
Ophtalmologie Express print 2
Ophtalmologie Express print 3
Ophtalmologie Express print 4